2020 Upcoming Community  Events

Here is Info on the Arena Theater Virtual Talent Show from Shauna Boyd:

Date for the event is Friday, May 29 at 7 pm .

We will use Zoom as the show platform. Zoom link will be sent to performers on the day of show. Link will also be posted on the Point Arena Theater website an hour before the show. www.arenatheater.org

Acts need to sign up by noon on Wednesday, May 27.

If you are sending in a video this also needs to be received by this date and time.

Performances must be 5 minutes or less. If you are doing a song, please only do one song.


Performances can be live on Zoom, or performers can send in a video. You can email me the video (shauna@arenatheater.org) , or if it is too big of a file to email let me know and I will send you a link to a Dropbox folder where you can upload the video.

If you are sending in a video you do not need to attend a tech rehearsal.

If you will be performing live you will need to attend one of our Zoom tech rehearsals to check audio, video and get a quick Zoom lowdown if you need it.

Tech rehearsals will be: Thursday, May 28 at 6 pm Friday, May 29 at 11 am.


You only need to attend one rehearsal! I will send out zoom links for these the week of the show.

If you can't make either of these please email me.

Please respond by mail to Shauna Boyd  with answers to the following questions:

1) Full name and what your act will be Live or Video performance?

2) A 2-sentence bio (for our emcees to introduce you)

Please answer one of the following (in one or two sentences):

A) What is your history with the theater?


B) What has been your favorite pastime during quarantine?





Sunday, June 14th, 2-4 PM. 

RSVP to Colleen Sandrin

714-423-9157 csandrin@comcast.net

Here are the next 2 puzzles we’ll work on, made from photos taken by our Irish Beach neighbors!

Here are the next 2 puzzles we’ll work on, made from photos taken by our Irish Beach neighbors!

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