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Notice to Sellers & Buyers of Property in Irish Beach

If you are selling your property or buying property within Irish Beach you need to be aware that IBIC Memberships are transferable. IBIC is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization supported solely by member dues.  IBIC is tasked with maintaining the common areas within Irish Beach that include 7 acres of park, picnic, lake and recreational property as well as a private gated beach access road.  These facilities are for the use of IBIC members.  While anyone may walk our trails and to the beach and enjoy all of the common areas within Irish Beach, access to the beach via the gated beach access road and use of certain facilities such as the new pavilion and pizza oven are restricted to IBIC Members in Good Standing. Only IBIC Members In-Good-Standing are issued a beach gate pass to operate the beach gate and drive to the Beach.

All property owners within the Irish Beach Water District are eligible to become members of IBIC. Memberships are on a per property basis.  So each property owned in Irish Beach is eligible for IBIC Membership.  That can, in some cases, result in an owner who owns more than one property having more than one IBIC Membership, especially in cases where a member owns more than one home on the vacation rental market.  A membership is require for each home that the member desires to have guest access to the beach.


All IBIC Members must maintain their membership in accordance with our definition of Member In-Good-Standing to continue enjoy the privileges of IBIC Membership. 


To join IBIC, a one time initiation fee is required as well as annual dues.  Currently, for the 2022/23 IBIC Membership year, the initiation fee is $782 and private dues are $345/yr (if you use your home as a vacation rental, annual business membership dues are currently $600/yr).  That results in a cost of $1,127 to initially join IBIC as a private member or $1,382 as a business member.


Existing properties that owners are IBIC Members In-Good-Standing may transfer their membership to successor owners when they sell their qualifying property within Irish Beach.  When a membership is transferred to a new owner the new owner receives credit for the already paid initiation fees and dues. There is a transfer fee of only $100 (currently for 2022/2023) to transfer IBIC Memberships. So the least expensive approach to membership in IBIC is to transfer an already existing IBIC Membership in-good-standing to the new owner.


Transfers must be initiated within 30 days of the closing of escrow.  See the IBIC Membership Policies for details regarding IBIC membership and transfer of IBIC memberships.

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