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Currently, one third of IBIC Memberships are "Business" memberships. Business memberships are priced higher than Residential memberships, as the wear and tear on  IBIC resources is considerably more consistent from a constantly changing population of vacationers than from the mellow, settled-in permanent residents.


We are not naive to the ins and outs of Vacation Rental Ownership. Many of our current permanent residents began life in Irish Beach as renters, or as the owners of a vacation rental.


In the past dozen years or so, a new trend has attracted more investors from out of state. Some of these owners purchased property in Irish Beach sight unseen, because the numbers crunched. There are local managers for short-term rental properties, which is fortunate for absentee landlords since Mendocino County issued a mandate during the pandemic that required an owner or other responsible person be never further than 60 minutes from the rental property.

Short term rentals in Mendocino County are required to register with the County, and pay a Transient Occupancy Tax. Here is a link for more information: Transient Occupancy Tax and Business Improvement District Assessment | Mendocino County, CA.

The IRS has many useful pamphlets on the subject of vacation rentals, for example: Topic no. 415, Renting residential and vacation property | Internal Revenue Service (

Of course, the most important consideration for owners of short-term rental properties in Irish Beach is that this is a peace-loving, sleepy-dreamy oasis of low-key retirees. With gun licenses. Phoenix, I read, is bursting with raucous bridal parties and colorful pop-up "insta backdrops." Irish Beach is no Phoenix, nor does anyone wish it were. While long a popular location for family reunions, the party hats are usually put away shortly after a spectacular sunset.

Another consideration that is often overlooked is that Irish Beach is a designated "Dark Sky Community" (DarkSky International | Protecting the night skies for present and future generations) Transient visitors may need to be reminded that reducing light pollution increases the beauty of the night sky. The Milky Way is not just a candy bar.

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